It’s important for a business to remember to include their business number (GST/HST number) on their sales invoices. ┬áThis is a requirement by the Canada Revenue Agency, and failing to include can actually trigger a CRA review or audit.

There is actually a rather useful table that they have provided in their RC4022 General Information guide.  This table, which I have posted below, instructs you on what information is required for different dollar value of sales.

If, for whatever reason, the table doesn’t display properly in your browser, you can access this same table by going to┬á

Information required Total sale under $30 Total sale of $30 to $149.99 Total sale of $150 or more
Your business or trading name or your intermediary’s name checkmark checkmark checkmark
Invoice date or, if you do not issue an invoice, the date on which the GST/HST is paid or payable checkmark checkmark
Total amount paid or payable checkmark checkmark checkmark
An indication of the total amount of GST/HST charged or that the amount paid or payable for each taxable supply (other than zero-rated supplies) includes GST/HST at the applicable rate checkmark checkmark
When you supply items taxable at the GST rate and the HST rate, an indication of which items are taxed at the GST rate and which are taxed at the HST rate checkmark checkmark
Your Business Number or your intermediary’s Business Number checkmark checkmark
The buyer’s name or trading name or the name of their duly authorized agent or representative checkmark
A brief description of the goods or services checkmark
Terms of payment checkmark
Note: Intermediary of a person for a particular supply means a registrant who, under an agreement with the person, causes or facilitates the making of the supply by the person.

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