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November 10th, 2011

To my clients: Please note that it is now easier than ever to send me your tax files (e.g. Simply Accounting backups, Quick Books backup, etc.)

On my home page, look in the bottom right hand corner.  Click on Choose File, then browse to your file.  Then click on Upload File Now, and the file is sent to me.   This is faster and more efficient than emailing.

(I would request that you either send me an email or give me a phone call to notify me that you sent the file.)

Thanks to Nick Gunn from Scotia Systems for doing this.

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It’s going to be truly interesting to watch the 2012 budget come out, early next year.  One commentator who watches these things is predicting that we will see some substantial changes in this budget, as this will be the Conservative government’s first budget with a majority.

Is it possible that we might see family income splitting earlier than expected?  The promise during last election was to get family income splitting once the deficit is eliminated……. but face it, what are the chances of a balanced budget happening before the next election?  And won’t the political party of today want to take full credit for family income splitting?

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Finance Minister Flaherty announced today that the proposed 2012 hike in EI rates will be slashed.

EI premiums were going to increase in the 2012 by 10 cents per $100 for employees and by 14 cents per $100 for employers. That has been slashed in half to 5 cents and 7 cents.

In real dollars, this isn’t a lot of money actually saved per employee. In my opinion, it’s more of a way for the Canadian government to acknowledge that the job market is not strong.

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Do you routinely make large charitable donations or RRSP contributions? Do you have ongoing support payments, or consistently large child care expenses or employment expenses? Consider filing the T1213. This form is used to request special permission from the Canada Revenue Agency to have less tax deducted from your pay. Rather than getting a large tax refund at the end of the year, you can enjoy a larger paycheque each payday during the year.

To obtain this special permission for the 2012 year, you need to get the form sent in now!

Get a copy here:

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