CRA – More scare tactics

December 16th, 2011

As I wrote in a previous post, from time to time the CRA sends out a mass mailing of letters to tens of thousands of taxpayers.  This letter basically asks you to review your records to ensure that you filed an accurate tax return, and if you feel you may have made an error, please correct it.

It is of course very important to file accurate tax returns, but if you receive this letter don’t assume that you will automatically be audited.  They are mailing out 47,000 letters over the next two months.  In 2010 and 2011 they sent out 37,000 and 29,000 letters respectively.

Personally I consider this letter to be more of an educational type letter.  This type of communication will obviously grab the recipient’s attention, and make them think twice before making a dubious claim on their next tax return.  I definitely think that is why they mail these letters out at the start of the tax season.  The recipient is going to read it, and in a month or two when he’s filing his tax return he’s going to be thinking about the chances of an audit 🙂

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