A bit more information on that $5,000 lobster fishermen support payment: ┬áthe application process is surprisingly simple. ┬á The application form doesn’t even ask for any financial information, leading some people to ask where the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is going to get their financial data from. ┬áThe answer is that they already have all the fishermen’s catch data. ┬áDFO collects lobster landing data during lobster season, and apparently they have each fisherman’s catches summarized already. ┬áSo they can just compare your catch from this year to last year’s, to see if your landings have decreased enough to qualify. ┬áThis is what I was told by a representative from DFO. ┬áPersonally, if I was told I didn’t qualify, I would ask to see their data to make sure it jived with my own data.

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