Based on the Speech from the Throne yesterday, there are a few interesting things to watch for in the upcoming provincial budget on September 24.

The speech states that: “We will establish a graduate tax incentive, providing up to $15,000 to keep university and community college graduates here at home.  Education must be accessible. Our future prosperity depends on it.”  Currently the province gives graduates who stay in Nova Scotia a $2,000 tax rebate.   $15,000 sounds even better. Watch for details in the Thursday budget.

Also, this morning Premier Dexter announced a new 10 per cent credit to businesses in the manufacturing and processing sector that are investing in machinery and equipment.  No real details yet, but the program only begins in January so stay tuned.

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Premier Darrel Dexter made good on one of his election promises today, by announcing he was removing the provincial portion of HST from all residential electricity.  Effective October 1, the HST rate on electricity will drop from 13% to 5%.

Previous to this anyone who heated their house with electricity qualified for this rebate.  Premier Dexter has apparently now decided that everyone will qualify for the rebate.

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Lately, anyone with any interest in world events, will no doubt have noticed the hysteria across the border as Americans took advantage of the Cash for Clunker’s program to trade in their beaters for a new car.   Up to$4,500 in free money towards a new car was apparently enough to convince 625,000 people that the time was right.

But did you know that right here in Canada we have our very own Cash for Clunkers program?  No?  Well, read on.

If  you are the proud owner of a licensed and insured 1995 or older car (must be in running condition!) you can send that car to the scrap yard, and qualify for a reward!  Rewards depend on the province you live in, but here in Nova Scotia you can either get $300 cash, or a free bike, or 6 months of free transit, or membership in a car sharing program.

Not exactly the same as $4,500, but this is Canada!

The program is really called Retire Your Ride.  Read all about it by going to:

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More information is becoming available on the Nova Scotia New Home Construction Rebate.  One big change that was made since it was originally announced, is that new homes started since January 1, 2009 will qualify.  Originally the government had said that only homes started since May 1 would qualify.

Application forms are available now at:

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