Well not really actually.  But it’s kind of fun to pretend you are, with the new Nova Scotia Back to Balance website.  The (real) Finance Minister of Nova Scotia wants your help in balancing the budget.  You get to play with the numbers and see how hard it actually is!

Would you like to spike the income tax rate on high income earners? On big corporations?  Maybe you’ve always wanted to dramatically reduce the funding for the Department of Justice?   Here’s your chance to give it a try.

Take the budget out for a spin at www.backtobalance.ca

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Tax humour

November 15th, 2011

Q. What’s the difference between an introverted and an extroverted accountant?

A. An introverted accountant stares at his shoes while he is talking to you.  An extroverted accountant stares at your shoes while he is talking to you.

Q. Why do accountants get excited on the weekends?

A. Because they are allowed to wear casual clothes to work.

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This isn’t directly related to taxes and accounting, but it’s a program that deserves publicity.  Google Grants provides non-profit groups with free advertising.  There are a large number of non-profit groups in Nova Scotia, and in the North Shore area.   Google advertising is a good way of driving web traffic to your website, and increasing awareness of your organization’s activities.

Read more about it on Scotia Systems blog.  Nick may be able to assist your non-profit with implementing Google Grants.

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As auditors become more aggressive with adjusting tax returns, the Tax Court of Canada begins to experience an overload of appeals. Today, the government issued a request for comments on how to handle the backlog. Do you have a comment?

Go to: www.fin.gc.ca/n11/11-116-eng.asp

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