Back-up your data. Safely.

August 17th, 2009

Picture this: ¬†You are one of those people who are diligent about backing up your data. ¬†Every day you carefully backup your important files, knowing that if something goes wrong you’ll be back in business in a few minutes. ¬†And then it happens. ¬†Your hard drive is lost in a power surge. ¬†No problem, right?

No problem, as long as your backups are *not* on your hard drive.

Too many people still store all their backups on their local hard drive. ¬†I don’t have any statistics to go by here, but I’m guessing that in a majority of cases, if you need to restore a backup, it’s because you are having problems with your hard drive. ¬†And if you are having hard drive problems and your backups are on your hard drive, well then you’ve REALLY got problems!

There are a number of solutions out there, for storing backups off of your computer. ¬†I’m not a tech guy, so I’ll leave all the details to people like Nick Gunn at They love such stuff. ¬† But I suggest either getting a portable hard drive and setting it to automatically backup your main hard drive on a regular basis, or better yet, subscribe to an online backup service like iBackup, or Data Deposit Box.

In short, be sure that your backup plan is a good one.  Nasty things really DO happen to computers, so prepare yourself.

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