Create a data backup plan

December 22nd, 2009

Do you ever get tired of being nagged about something? ¬†Like, a reminder that you haven’t upgraded Windows lately? ¬†Or a reminder that it’s almost spring cleanup week and you still haven’t cleaned out your basement/garage/attic/closet/whatever?

Well, today I’m going to join in the fun and nag you. ¬†Don’t have a secure backup plan for your computer? ¬†Get it done now. ¬†No, I mean it. ¬†Even if you’d rather spend the next three hours cleaning out your garage, trust me on this one. ¬†It’s more important that you get a back up plan for your computer.

Why am I suddenly harping on this topic? ¬†Well, it probably because I just did a restore of a file that became corrupted during a routine software upgrade. ¬†If I hadn’t been diligent with my computer backups I would have spent a few *very* unhappy hours redoing some work. ¬†As it was, I was able to restore a backup and am pretty much back to where I was.

I’d like to provide you with some backup options, and I’ll do so shortly. ¬†Unfortunately I don’t have time right now. ¬†My garage really needs cleaning out!

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