I’m frequently asked for my opinion as to which is the better accounting software: ¬†Simply Accounting or QuickBooks. ¬†This is a bit of a tough one, because both have their strong points. ¬†I wish I could design my own, and put the best of both programs into one! ¬†Also, one person’ s opinion about what’s best doesn’t automatically mean it’s right……

I find Simply Accounting a bit more user friendly than QuickBooks (but again, that’s just my opinion). ¬†The reporting function in Simply is quite a bit easier to use. ¬†The payroll feature is also a bit better to work with, and especially if you don’t care to subscribe to the annual payroll service.

QuickBook’s does a much better job of working with year end tasks. ¬†Certain other tasks are also a bit more slick in QuickBooks, like the handling of bank deposits.

In the end, either one will serve you very well. ¬†What tips the scales towards Simply Accounting, for me anyway, are two things. ¬†One is that they are bit easier to use, AND secondly, the company attitude is just plain better. ¬†Sage Software, the owner of Simply Accounting, strikes me as just plain friendlier all around. ¬†And in today’s world, that means a lot to me.

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