Many of the provisions that were announced in  Budget 2011 will be affecting the tax returns that will be filed in the upcoming tax season.  Are you familiar with all the changes?  Some of them could very well be of benefit to you!  Check out the changes here. Call us if you think some of them will be of use to you.

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Federal Budget 2010

March 1st, 2010

Finance Minister Flaherty will deliver the 2010 federal budget on March 4 at around 4:00 on EST (that’s 5:00 pm for those of us in Nova Scotia.)

We have been duly warned not to expect anything in this budget except bare-bones stuff.  No more renovation tax breaks.  No more big breaks for homeowners.

We’ll see if the current Conservative government can resist slipping in a couple of tax breaks, for the headlines they will make if nothing else.

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Based on the Speech from the Throne yesterday, there are a few interesting things to watch for in the upcoming provincial budget on September 24.

The speech states that: “We will establish a graduate tax incentive, providing up to $15,000 to keep university and community college graduates here at home.  Education must be accessible. Our future prosperity depends on it.”  Currently the province gives graduates who stay in Nova Scotia a $2,000 tax rebate.   $15,000 sounds even better. Watch for details in the Thursday budget.

Also, this morning Premier Dexter announced a new 10 per cent credit to businesses in the manufacturing and processing sector that are investing in machinery and equipment.  No real details yet, but the program only begins in January so stay tuned.

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Residents of Nova Scotia will get their first provincial budget from the NDP government on Thursday, September 24.  This should be interesting.  You can visit for budget details at 2:00 pm on Thursday.

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