The HAPPY Act?

October 21st, 2009

For today’s trivia laugh, try this one: ¬†Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan wants pet owners in the States to be able to¬†deduct animal care expenses from their taxes. ¬†I’d love to have a loonie for each time a tax client has asked me, with their tongue planted firmly in their cheek, if they can claim their pet on their tax return. ¬†If McCotter has his way, this will become reality for American’s. ¬†Of course, as this article points out, there are thousands of bill introduced each year that go nowhere. ¬†My guess is this will be one of them.

It wouldn’t be just a tiny claim either: The bill proposes to allow up to $3,500 in costs to be claimed! ¬†I haven’t ever done the math, but I hope I never spend this kind of money on my dog in one year. ¬†Maybe I’d want a tax break too if that’s how much I was spending!

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